The director invited his ex-girlfriend to co-star in a movie with a sex scene that she refused to do with him

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Surprisingly, this girlfriend agreed and participated in the movie.

Referring to actress Chloë Sevigny, audiences will surely remember famous horror and thriller works such as Lizzie (2018), The Girl From Plainville (2022), or the legendary work Zodiac (2007). However, not all works of this actress have resonated, especially at major film festivals. And the work mentioned here is The Brown Bunny, which was released in 2003.

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If talking about The Brown Bunny, in addition to the presence of Chloë Sevigny, this work also has a rather special “story” that many people do not believe when first hearing it. Specifically, the co-star with Chloë in this work is Vincent Gallo, he is both the male lead, the screenwriter as well as the director of the film. Things would not be worth mentioning if the director did not reveal the love scene in this work.

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According to Vincent’s interview with Film Freak Central, the sex scene in The Brown Bunny has a scene where Chloë offers him oral sex, and before that, when Vincent and Chloë were still together, she refused to do it. the above for Vincent. The director revealed that he made the following offer to Chloë: “ Do you remember that night in Paris when I did it for you , but you didn’t do it for me because you didn’t want to do it? ? Well, you have to do it now, in the movie.”

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The most surprising thing is that Chloë Sevigny did not refuse this offer, but instead agreed to both shoot the scene and participate in the film. Sharing about her decision, Chloë said it was a risky trade-off because she trusted her ex-boyfriend with his artistic talent. “It is possible that if I had that offer at this time, I would still accept it, because basically I believe in Vincent’s artistic talent, I am willing to trade and take risks for this work. ” – Chloë Sevigny revealed to Variety in 2016.

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