Distinguishing delicious pre roasted coffee beans

Distinguishing delicious pre roasted coffee beans

When Tet comes, families close to shop for tons of Tet items, during which coffee may be a familiar drink chosen during family reunions or as gifts for friends and relatives. especially, pre-roasted coffee beans are chosen by many of us Distinguishing delicious pre roasted coffee.But the way to choose quality, affordable, and important pre-roasted coffee beans that are clean and safe during this Tet holiday. along side reviewratedone.com research

Phân biệt hạt cà phê rang sẵn ngon

Do you really understand pure roasted coffee beans?


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  1. What are the health benefits of pure coffee

Do you really understand how delicious pure roasted coffee beans are?

 Everyone knows that pure roasted coffee beans are the foremost delicious, but few people skills to settle on, make sure, and make them delicious. and each time the New Year comes, things of food hygiene and safety is even more alarming, the conscience of the many business departments goes down, they use enough tricks for Tet food to form the best profit, no matter things. consumers’ lives and health.


This causes significant harm to health and economy, causing consumers to gradually lose confidence in their own products, allowing foreign goods to arrive and take market share. Coffee is that the leading export commodity within the country, and it also has got to struggle to survive and win the trust of consumers.


 First of all, each consumer must equip themselves with basic knowledge on the way to choose, quality, mix also as prefer to buy, distinguish real and faux goods…


Part I. Basic knowledge of coffee

 There are many sorts of coffee, but generally, all of them belong to 2 main groups: Arabica and Rio Nunez coffee, these two sorts of coffee also are traded in Vietnam also because the world.

Arabica coffee is more advanced, the worth is typically double that of Robusta. within the world, Arabica coffee production is extremely large (accounting for two-thirds of the world’s traded coffee), this sort is grown mainly in Brazil, but not much in our country.

Phân biệt hạt cà phê rang sẵn ngon

Arabica and Robusta coffee beans

Arabica coffee beans are slightly longer and bigger than Robusta beans, the 2 edges of the beans are “sharper”.the quantity of caffeine in Arabica coffee is merely half that of Robusta, with a mild aroma and attractive sour taste. Therefore, Arabica is extremely fashionable Westerners


Robusta beans are smaller and rounder than Arabica, with more caffeine, so Rio Nunez coffee features a strong aroma, strong bitter taste. In our country, coffee is grown mainly of this sort, it’s also more suitable for “Vietnamese taste”.Therefore, Westerners to Vietnam often find it difficult to drink Vietnamese-style coffee and the other way around.


Vietnamese coffee drinking culture

Vietnamis understood because the second largest coffee exporter within the world after Brazil, but sadly most Vietnamese don’t skills to enjoy coffee. Indeed, most Vietnamese people drink coffee consistent with the movement, not due to hobby or passion.


Most Vietnamese who consider themselves “sophisticated” about coffee think that, for normal coffee, the water must be black, the aroma must be passionate and powerful. When drinking coffee, it must be as bitter as possible, to sip, to enjoy the bitter taste. As for ice coffee, the coffee water must be very comparable, slightly viscous, the coffee must stick with the ice, or the cup must be strong enough.

Phân biệt hạt cà phê rang sẵn ngon

A cup of black, bold coffee is not pure

It is due to this thought that coffee manufacturers create mixed coffee products just to satisfy that require. The more coffee drinkers prefer black, comparable, and powerful coffee, the more mixed the producers are going to be, therefore the more profit they’re going to have.


It must be said that it’s this thought and concept that the Vietnamese coffee drinking culture has been pushed right down to a… disaster.The cups of coffee that you simply drink that meet such “standards” are 100% adulterated, because pure coffee doesn’t have such characteristics.


 This is very dangerous, because what’s mixed in coffee are toxic substances, like corn, roasted soybeans (to create consistency); coloring products (to create black); flavorings (to create fragrance) … are all pathogens. so as to possess a clean and pure coffee drinking culture, it’s first necessary to vary this distorted thinking and concept.


Part II. Get to know pure coffee

That’s right, to know what coffee is really pure, clean, how to feel the real taste:


Get to know coffee beans

Pure roasted coffee beans

+ Roasted coffee beans, don’t add any additives.


+ Mixed coffee beans, when finished roasting, feel sticky and greasy to the touch thanks to the addition of butter, vegetable oil … amid a robust aroma (and the smell of butter, caramel).


+ Hạt cà phê rang sơ qua không bị nhờn khi chạm vào, hương thơm tự nhiên và dịu nhẹ.


Identify pure coffee powder

Pure coffee powder is swollen and spongy, but filler powders don’t achieve an equivalent, so if an equivalent volume, pure coffee powder will always have a bigger volume than a mix of soybean meal or popcorn. .



Pure coffee powder is light, spongy, loose and looser, not sticky and fewer loose just like the mixture of cereal grains.



Pure coffee powder has a good brown color, not black or black spots like cornstarch, roasted soybeans.



Pure coffee, although not brewed, but the powder features a very gentle, natural but delicate aroma, a pleasing smell, not the tough, harsh “flavoured” coffee smell.


Identify coffee when brewing

Pure coffee powder when brewing, encountering boiling water will expand tons, moreover, when boiling water is poured into the filter, the coffee will bubble. With doped coffee, the expansion isn’t great, the coffee powder is even flattened, the dregs have high stickiness.


Coffee water after brewing is pure and clean, features a brown color of cockroach wings, once you put ice in it, it’s amber brown, very beautiful, especially when exposed to the sun. Very different from doped coffee, black, thick because a series of impurities are mixed in. The consistency of pure coffee is merely 1 bit quite filtered water, not viscous.

Distinguishing roasted coffee

In terms of scent, pure coffee features a seductive, natural, passionate, gentle and delicate scent. Take small sips of coffee, you’ll feel its wonderful flavor gently take over your senses. Coffee melts on the tongue, then passionately sipping bit by bit to the last drop. If you drink coffee, cherish it, appreciate the labor of the one that makes it, and also cherish the priceless gift that heaven and earth bestowed on you.


To be the foremost intuitive and practical, you ought to buy coffee beans, grind it yourself to form it and feel its taste yourself.


Besides, it also clarifies the concept of blended coffee, that is, coffee combined from many various coffee lines, bringing different flavors, mixed from many sorts of coffee. If you wish to drink consistent with the “Western taste”, increase the quantity of Arabica coffee to possess a light-weight and sour cup of coffee. And if you wish to drink consistent with “Vietnamese taste”, increase the speed of Robusta, you’ll have a cup of strong and rich coffee.


What is unroasted coffee beans?

Unroasted coffee beans, also referred to as green coffee, are simply raw, unroasted, freshly processed coffee beans that have basically removed the rice and rice husks. this is often the most staple for processing other coffee products like roasted, ground or instant coffee, also as an additive to the food and beverage processing industry.


Unroasted coffee beans have many various types, differentiated by size (Sieve 18, sieve 16, sieve 14, sieve 13, green coffee beans (not sieved)), by type (Arabica, Robusta, Culi) Robusta, Culi Arabica) and by processing including dry processing and wet processing…


Thus, unroasted coffee beans are only inferior to roasted beans at the roasting stage, so it’s easy to spot by color, shape, price of coffee of an equivalent size, unroasted beans also are cheaper than roasted. Usually, the buyers of unroasted coffee beans are pure coffee suppliers, cafes or business households.

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