Does Hollywood trick you? Humans can swing while clinging to the beam, even dragging other people!

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  • What appears in nearly every action movie is realistic when brought to life

One thing is almost indispensable in any action movie: The scene where the main character (or supporting) falls from a tall building, cliff, air, etc. and tries to survive by clinging to a beams, twigs, and ledges accidentally protruded in their fall and remained there for several minutes. Not to mention, to increase the difficulty, there will be one more character falling down, and somehow, they will hold the falling person with one hand, the other hand still clinging to God. on that beam.

Source: TMZ

When we watch the movie, we feel very convinced and extremely nervous, constantly wondering if these characters can climb? How long will they hold out? Or can they even throw themselves back up? But forget they are a normal person (not counting superhero movies!), with a completely normal strength, not a world-class athlete at all!

According to scientific experiments, a normal person, with a relative body weight with a sufficient amount of muscles to lift a person up a bar as in a training session, keeping the body suspended with both hands firmly grasped in the air. for a long time still very unfeasible. Because in the falling state, the body weight becomes much heavier thanks to the gravity of the earth, trying to grab onto something available on the way down can cause the body to react and break some parts. .

Movie Cliffhanger – SYLVESTER STALLONE

Of course, there are cases where the character does not fall, they just have to hang on somewhere waiting for someone to save. Humans can absolutely do this and last for about 1-2 minutes without major problems. However, then the gravity of the earth will make things a lot more difficult even if you are a bodybuilder

Source: Mission Impossible Movie

Not to mention, there are situations when holding hands is too tired, so you have to let go of one hand to relieve fatigue… This is even more absurd when if two hands can’t hold the body, how can one hand? Even keeping yourself and another person in that state requires a very good hand strength (in both people), no matter how strong the person above is, but the person below cannot use the force, it is not good. both falling at the same time is inevitable.

And we ca n’t forget another important factor: sweaty hands – everyone’s enemy during training, ready to make you slip out of your grip no matter how strong your hand is.

Source: Movie The Lord of the Rings

There is another explanation for being extraordinary in the moment: Adrenaline – Adrenaline is a hormone that works on the basis of sympathetic nervous activity, produced by the body when people feel fear or fear. extreme excitement. The effect of Adrenaline on the human body is called the Adrenoceptor. It performs the function of widening the respiratory tract, helping to absorb more oxygen. However, the side effect after releasing a large amount of adrenaline is that the heart rate often increases rapidly leading to heart-related diseases such as a high risk of heart failure, causing arrhythmias.

Source: CW

Although adrenaline is said to be able to make people break the limit for a short time, it is still a hypothesis, because no one has dared to conduct such a dangerous experiment on humans. And of course, in everyday life, there are almost no recorded cases of victims climbing up on their own while hanging like that. Therefore, movies are still relative, sometimes applied to real life will leave many unpredictable consequences.

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