Find out the 11 most popular types of coffee today

Learn the 11 most widespread type-of coffee today

Coffee has long been a familiar drink of Vietnamese people, but the types of coffee are very diverse, each coffee variety has a different taste. So do you know all about the popular types of coffee today? Let’s find out with reviewratedone now! Find out the 11 most popular types of coffee today.let’s go

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  1. Distinguishing delicious pre roasted coffee beans

  2. The price of pure roasted coffee is about how much 1 kg?

  3. What are the health benefits of pure coffee

1 Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee (also known as tea coffee) This type of coffee has slightly long beans, grown in Brazil, at an altitude of 800 meters or more above sea level, but the most delicious must be from 1300 – 1500 meters.

Brazilian Arabica coffee includes two main types, Catimor and Moka. Moka coffee has a light aroma and a light taste. Catimor coffee has a passionate aroma, mild sour taste.

Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee (also known as Voi coffee) is grown mainly in the soil of the Central Highlands of Vietnam – especially the basalt land (Gia Lai, Dak Lak) with an altitude of less than 600m.

Robusta coffee beans are quite small, have a mild aroma, are dried directly, not fermented, so they have a bitter taste, high caffeine content, and the water is brown and dense, suitable for Vietnamese taste.

Coffee Culi

Our country’s culi coffee has large, glossy, round beans, especially compared to other types of coffee that it has only a single bean in a fruit. Coffee culi bitter taste, attractive aroma, high caffeine content, black water comparison.

Cherry Coffee

Cherry coffee (also known as jackfruit coffee), is grown in the Central Highlands of our country and has good resistance to pests and diseases, giving high yields.

Cherry coffee consists of 2 main types, Liberica and Exelsa, coffee beans are yellow, shiny, have a faint scent when brewed and have a slight sour taste, creating a pleasant relaxing feeling.

Coffee Moka

Moka coffee is one of the most difficult types of coffee to grow in Vietnam, because of its low resistance to pests and diseases, requiring meticulous care, this type is often grown in Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Due to the difficult cultivation process, this is considered a rare type of coffee, the price is higher than other types. Moka coffee becomes a special gift for each other of coffee connoisseurs.

Moka coffee is sold by famous coffee brands such as Goc coffee, Highlands, Zara bean coffee,…

2 Italian coffees


Cafe Espresso (also known as creamy coffee), the way to make this coffee is very sophisticated, you have to use hot water compressed under high pressure through finely ground coffee powder. Espresso has a rich flavor, with brown foam on top to create aroma and luxury for coffee. This coffee is very bitter, dense and high in caffeine.

Espresso coffee is sold by famous coffee brands that sell instant coffee and espresso-flavored filter coffee such as NesCafé.

Cappuccino (capuchino)

Cappuccino coffee is not too strange for everyone, a cup of coffee consists of 3 layers that are often divided equally: espresso, hot milk and milk foam.


Macchiato (Italian means speckled), the surface of the coffee cup is added with a few streaks of milk to create eye-catching ripples.

Currently, Nescafe has traded Macchiato in the market as a soluble form.


Latte coffee (in Italian means milk coffee), it is easy to confuse the taste of Latte with Capuchino because both types have 3 layers of espresso, hot milk and milk foam. However, in Cappuccino with equal amount of hot milk compared to milk foam, in Latte, the amount of milk foam is only half that of hot milk.



Mocha (Moka)

Cafe Mocha has a light aroma of coffee combined with the fatty taste of cream and chocolate, unlike Cappuccino or Latte, a cup of Mocha coffee gives people the fatty taste of fresh cream along with the rich taste of hot chocolate. 

Mocha (Moka)



Americano coffee is Espresso that has been diluted with twice the amount of water, both keeping the flavor of Espresso and limiting many of the harmful effects of caffeine.


3.How to identify pure coffee and coffee with additives, corn

Coffee powder test

Pure coffee beans do not have a glossy layer, gently rubbing on hands does not cause a sticky feeling. However, if not preserved well, pure coffee powder still sticks to hands and dust.

Coffee powder test

Pure coffee when roasted gives a characteristic attractive aroma, not mixed with butter and caramel like mixed coffee.

Depending on the type of coffee, they have different dark and light colors, pure coffee after roasting is dark brown, not dark brown or black.

Pure coffee has a spongy texture, giving it a lighter feel than other coffees of the same weight.

Make coffee

Pure coffee will bloom when it meets warm water and soaks in water for a long time.

Cà phê trộn tạp chất khi gặp nước ấm có độ nở bung thấp, ngấm nước nhanh, bột cà phê nhanh chóng chìm xuống đáy ly.

After brewing

Pure coffee has a dark red-brown color, the scent stays for the entire time of drinking, the bitter taste is mixed with a slight sour taste.

After brewing

Coffee mixed with impurities after brewing has a dark brown color, the water is thick, the scent is strong when freshly brewed, but after 2-3 minutes, it will decrease completely, bitter taste, no aftertaste.

4.How to mix and blend coffee for a delicious taste, suitable for each taste of many people

How to mix coffee for men

People who like strong coffee often use coffee with less sugar, less milk, so when mixing you should add a little salt, the ratio is as follows:

How to mix coffee for men

60% Robusta, this is the coffee that represents men, brings clarity in thinking, energy at work, strength to decide. In addition, it also brings refreshment, joy and intimacy when sitting with friends.

30% Arabica, this is a mild sour taste mixed with mild bitterness along with an ecstatic, elegant aroma.

10% Cocoa to bring rich aroma adorned with sour, bitter taste of coffee.

How to make coffee for women or those who like lightness

For women, coffee should not be too bitter, must have a little sour and sweet taste from milk, bringing a sense of relaxation, lightness and luxury.

How to make coffee for women or those who like lightness

50% Arabica

20 – 30% Robusta

10 – 20% cherries

10% Cocoa

How to make coffee to create a charming taste

The characteristics of this blend are strong juices, bitter bitterness, and mild sourness that bring a great combination of Robusta and Cherry.

How to make coffee to create a charming taste

50% Robusta

40% Cherry

10% Cocoa

How to make coffee for young people and refreshments

The characteristics of this blend are less caffeine, more milk and ice, long-lasting, so it is a great choice for young people and office workers. The coffee mix ratio will be:

How to make coffee for young people and refreshments

30% Robusta

40% Arabica

20% of coffee tends to be between Arabica and Robusta, can be replaced with Moka

10% Cocoa

So reviewratedone has detailed for you 11 popular types of coffee in Vietnam, along with how to identify the best coffee, as well as how to mix coffee according to the ratio to have a delicious taste, suitable for each taste. of many people. Share it with your friends if you find it interesting and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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