Knowing there was a nude scene in Titanic, Kate Winslet showed Leonardo her body in person when she first met

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Thanks to the fate of filming Titanic, Kate and Leonardo became an admirable couple in Hollywood.

In the process of participating in the movie Titanic, the co-stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio took advantage of getting to know each other and became close at times, although there were rumors about the two being a couple, but it is the Leo and Kate have always denied that they are dating . For many fans, rather than lovers, they feel that Kate and Leo are still best friends because they will be able to stay together longer.

Few people know that, before getting to know each other thanks to Titanic, Kate Winslet had an action when she first met Leonardo DiCaprio that made everyone blush after listening. Specifically, in the movie Titanic, there was a scene when the character Jack drew a picture of Rose, at this time actress Kate Winslet was asked to be naked in that scene.

Knowing that she would be naked in the movie and right in front of the character of Jack, actress Kate Winslet herself “showed” her body for actor Leonardo DiCaprio to see, in part to avoid his becoming should be shy when doing the official scene.

“Oh my gosh, she doesn’t mind at all. Maybe Kate wanted to break the tension between the two of us before filming that nude scene. So Kate showed me her body, I didn’t even have time to prepare, because of that, she was already “above” me. Oh, and I’m very comfortable after that.” – Leonardo revealed

After Titanic, this close friend also had the opportunity to reunite in the romantic drama film directed by Sam Mendes released in 2008 called Revolutionary Road.

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