Thanh Nghi’s beauty completely collapsed in the new movie

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The beauty of Thanh Nghi completely collapsed in the new film, which has attracted the attention of a large audience.

Thanh Nghi is always considered as one of the historical beauties with the best appearance of the Chinese screen with a series of cult works such as: My Nhan Thien Ha, Luu Ly Truyen, Tram Van Huong Phai … Because he He possesses a handsome and attractive appearance with white skin , gentle beauty, as fragile as a flower, so he is very suitable for the male lead role who is unfairly treated and tortured enough.


But recently, he decided to renew himself with a different image when he played the role of judge Chau Yi An in the criminal film called Boundary. In this project, Thanh Nghi surprised the audience by his strange appearance with 3-inch short hair and completely bare face without makeup. The actor’s beauty is controversial when it is no longer a fairy visual like in previous historical works .


Because there is no makeup layer, Thanh Nghi’s face shows many defects such as: uneven skin tone, less firmness and dark eye bags. In order to transform into a modern movie, so he did not pay close attention to his appearance and was judged to have dropped the background, making viewers disillusioned. 



Some comments from the audience about Thanh Nghi’s controversial appearance in the new movie said: “There is no makeup on this trivial look”. “Looks a bit wrinkled and black, there is no fairy beauty like in the previous movies”. “The hairstyle looks funny, without the filter, Thanh Nghi doesn’t have any star qualities.”

Besides, there are still many comments that Thanh Nghi’s short hair cut, bare face is completely suitable for the image of a judge in a drama film, taking the topic of social reality.


Some other viewers praised the actor for showing his professional spirit, leaving his bare face in front of the camera in accordance with the requirements, he did not deserve to be criticized and scrutinized for his appearance. They think that it is difficult for an actor to focus on only one type of film, so changing and diversifying the image is something that any artist should do.

Thanh Nghi is always considered as one of the top hardworking stars in the Chinese entertainment industry, when he constantly receives many new projects and he rarely has time to rest. The actor is also trusted by fans thanks to his clean private life, no noisy scandals. 

The new film Boundary that Thanh Nghi participates in is an important project when it attracts a lot of investment capital from central agencies to support and advise production. The film’s content focuses on single cases, touching hot spots in many aspects of society.


Besides the presence of Thanh Nghi, the film also gathers many top names such as: Near Dong, Thanh Nghi, Thai Van Tinh, Vuong Tu Truc, Tang Mong Tuyet, Vuong Kinh Tung, Phung Gia Di, Vuong Sa Sa , Vuong Phong, Ngo Dang, Ho Hao Uncle, Ly Chi Mo, …

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