The price of pure roasted coffee is about how much 1 kg?

The price of pure roasted coffee is about how much 1 kg? How to distinguish pure roasted coffee and mixed roasted coffee? Let’s find out with through the following article.

Coffee is a familiar drink, a passion of many people. However, not everyone can choose quality pure coffee products at reasonable prices.

Quality pre-roasted and ground coffee beans

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Pre-roasted and ground roasted coffee beans are carefully selected

Pre-roasted or pure roasted coffee beans are carefully selected from the best quality beans from coffee gardens. However, there are many roasted and ground coffee products that are mixed with impurities, leading to reduced quality and much lower prices.

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The price of roasted coffee is high due to careful selection

To create delicious pre-roasted coffee beans, the first coffee beans have to go through many processes, from washing, separating, fermenting, cleaning, drying, drying, peeling, separating the finished product. After selecting the best roasted coffee beans, they are packaged or ground into coffee powder depending on the product requirements.


How to distinguish pure roasted coffee?

Pure roasted coffee will not contain additives and fillers such as corn, burnt rice, etc. Therefore, in terms of color, pure ground coffee gives clear water, has the color of cockroach wings or dark brown, not opaque black. or surrounded.


The aroma of pure roasted coffee is also very delicate, not too bold, gentle, deep and ecstatic.


In terms of scent, the authentic and original aroma of coffee is not too strong, not violent, but gentle, nostalgic, high, delicate and deep, sometimes ecstatic coffee connoisseurs… If coffee connoisseurs, just smell them will know if the coffee is really pure or not.


Standard of high quality roasted coffee products


Coffee roasting is also an art, which plays a role in determining the aroma and taste of the finished coffee. For each type of coffee, bean size, hardness, gloss… are different, the roasting time, the temperature used are also different.


Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the temperature and time accurately, the quality of the new coffee beans is correct, still retaining the rich and delicious flavor but not burning.


Pure, good quality roasted coffee must first be made from 100% coffee, without any additives and chemicals, must meet the following standards:


Acidity: Many people believe that roasting needs to lose the sour taste of coffee. This is a misconception, this slight acidity is the unique characteristic of coffee, very light, not as harsh as lemon, but also faintly floral and fruity. Therefore, quality roasted coffee needs to keep this sour taste of coffee.


Fatness: Coffee when touching the tip of the tongue will feel fatty, very special. Quality roasted coffee, the fat is not too much, just light bar and deposited at the tip of the tongue.

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The price of roasted coffee is usually a bit higher than that of pre-roasted coffee beans

Aroma: Each type of coffee is different and has a different way of harvesting, roasting and roasting, but the aroma of coffee is also different. However, they have their own characteristics of being very attractive, rich and full of fruit flavors, sometimes like butter, sometimes like almonds or fruits.


Bitterness: Properly roasted coffee still retains its natural bitterness, bar, not acrid, not burnt, deposited on the tip of the tongue and throat. Each type of coffee has a different bitterness.


In order to produce a finished product that is a delicious package of roasted coffee beans or pre-roasted coffee beans, coffee beans must go through many stages, strict and precise requirements.


Therefore, the price of pure and good quality roasted coffee is always quite high,Therefore, buyers should be careful when choosing to buy, avoiding buying mixed roasted coffee of poor quality.


Price of 1kg of roasted coffee powder coffee

The price of roasted coffee for each coffee line and type of coffee is also different, which can change frequently depending on market fluctuations. The following is the price list of finished roasted coffee powder per 1 kg of each type:

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The price of roasted coffee varies depending on the type of coffee

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