The secret behind the question: Why is it called weasel coffee?


Weasel coffee is one of the precious coffees, owning a “birth legend” of its own and having an extremely expensive price. So why is it called weasel coffee and what is special about this coffee line, let’s find out through the following article ! 

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Weasel coffee was born in the 18th century in the Indonesian region, noticed by Dutch planters and developed in the surrounding peninsulas. However, in our country at the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of weasel coffee was really discovered, when coffee plantations were cultivated and expanded by the French in the Central Highlands.

In the coffee season from August to December, people encounter wild ferrets eating the most uncolored, red, uniform and fragrant coffee beans, which they choose very carefully, perhaps thanks to their instincts. . After being digested in the weasel stomach, the coffee is excreted, keeping its shape. People screen these products, clean them thoroughly and dry them in the sun, producing a coffee with a flavor that is superior to ordinary coffee.

Since then, when the coffee season comes, in addition to collecting coffee in general, many people also look for traces left by weasels to harvest weasel coffee. This is also the answer to the question of why it is called weasel coffee , as well as the “legendary story” that begins to mark the birth and development of the luxury coffee line favored by the regal and worldly. rich that the coffee lovers are interested in.

  • What does weasel coffee taste like?

The taste of weasel coffee is likened to the “quintessence of the mountains” and the preparation is completely different. Coffee will be best when brewed hot, some people still have the process of distillation or hydrolysis to keep the most original flavor. Thanks to the top quality beans, weasel coffee when drunk, in addition to the characteristic aroma and bitterness, also has a natural light sour taste that is extremely “appealing”.

If enjoying coffee as a hobby, weasel coffee can be drunk “vegetarian”, adding sugar or a little milk. However, coffee connoisseurs say that weasel coffee should not be shared with ice because it makes the coffee taste bland. Only when drinking hot, the natural texture and sweetness can be preserved.

The taste of the most “luxurious” coffee in the world always makes many hearts sob.

  • Types of weasel coffee

There are many ways to classify weasel coffee, for example, by origin (such as domestic and imported weasel coffee), by habitat of weasel (coffee weasel raised in cages, coffee weasel farmed in free-range). farm, weasel coffee), classified by form (whole weasel coffee, powdered weasel coffee)… However, the most popular is still classified by coffee variety, which is Arabica weasel coffee and tea. Robusta mink.

Thanks to the inherent characteristics of Robusta coffee beans, Robusta weasel coffee also has a sweeter taste with more acidity and aroma. However, when drinking Arabica weasel coffee, it feels smoother, purer and has a longer residual sound.

In Buon Ma Thuot in particular and Vietnam in general, the Robusta weasel coffee line is somewhat more popular, the reason lies in the soil and the price, demand, and taste of the consumer market. Robusta weasel coffee has a mild bitter taste, thick water, very rich, so, at first taste, drinkers are interested in wondering why it is called weasel coffee and this strangely delicious taste comes from where? If you have ever tried Robusta weasel coffee and are interested in the rare and novel Arabica weasel coffee, you can refer to Pure Coffee to find a reputable and quality source.

At, there are always many different types of weasel coffee available from Arabica Binh Phuoc farm-raised weasel coffee to premium farm-raised weasel coffee.

  • How much is mink coffee?

The price of weasel coffee is also quite high and has a large fluctuation range, from about 1,000,000 VND / kg to approximately 20,000,000 VND / kg of coffee, depending on the manufacturer and distribution unit. Breeding conditions, product brands, and product packaging also affect the price of mink coffee.

Because of the “hotness” and value of weasel coffee, many places have sold poor quality products for profit, not even weasel coffee. There can be a downside such as the fact that mink coffee in powdered form filled with soybean flour and blend is sold a lot at the wholesale raw material market, or is offered at an “unbelievably cheap” price, which is always available around. years and hard to find a quality wholesale source. Even in the form of weasel coffee powder, weasel coffee beans, there are places that sell “whole” weasel coffee that still clings to weasel waste, which has not been hygienically treated, soft shell removed or grounded.

  • Where to buy weasel coffee in HCMC?

Currently, there are many distributors of weasel coffee, from small traders, retailers to businesses directly producing weasel coffee. You don’t even need to be in the Central Highlands, you can order weasel coffee and deliver it directly at home.

However, because this is a prestigious and valuable product, bringing with it the unique features of the coffee culture, we still recommend that you find out why it’s called weasel coffee or weasel coffee. how much money or where to buy weasel coffee… look for brands that have been verified for sure, safe, so that your weasel coffee cups are always excellent cups of coffee

If you first come to weasel coffee to satisfy your curiosity, want to try the feeling of enjoying this unique “unique” coffee flavor or find a quality wholesale source, you can refer to Pure Coffee – a unit specializing in providing wholesale and retail of 100% pure roasted coffee beans, especially farm-raised mink coffee, with competitive prices and many price segments to choose from.

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