Top 8 type of coffee grinder should I buy for home coffee shop

Owning a coffee grinder at home will help you be more active in time, and at the same time can enjoy delicious pure coffee beans instead of being processed and mixed too much. impurities like in coffee shops.

However, in a market with a lot of diversity in models and types today, it is not easy for you to find a mini coffee grinder with good quality and suitable for your pocket.

Please refer to the article below to guide you to make the right choice for you!

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1 SHARDOR Coffee &Spice Grinders Electric

You are in need of a compact coffee grinder, durable and special materials that can be used to grind and process many different types of beans, of course SHARDOR Coffee is a very suitable choice.


SHARDOR Coffee possesses an extremely luxurious appearance that enhances the aesthetics of the home’s room. The compact size and unique design make it quite convenient to carry with you on the go as well as not taking up too much space.


The structural parts of the machine are made from high-quality materials, not rust, so it is safe for health. In particular, the body uses durable stainless steel for good bearing capacity; blade made of sturdy steel material; The top is a transparent plastic lid that allows you to easily observe the coffee process.


Accompanied by a sharp steel blade is a powerful motor with a maximum capacity of up to 200W to save you grinding time, ensure smoothness while preserving the inherent flavor of coffee beans.


Not stopping at grinding coffee, BOSCH Coffee Grinder is also very versatile when it can be used to grind many different types of nuts such as pepper, garlic, rice, red beans, green beans or cashews… Weight per Maximum grind is about 70g.


The handle is insulated for safety and better hygiene and cleaning

2 SHARDOR Coffee Grinder Electric, Electric Coffee Blade Grinders with 

Except for the difference in design, basically there are many similarities between the Coffee Grinder Electric and BOSCH Coffee Grinder coffee grinders.


The Coffee Grinder Electric coffee grinder has a unique design and a rather fancy appearance; Compact size is portable and flexible in carrying with you to use anywhere whether at home or company office.

The product is appreciated for its level of finishing with components made from durable materials. The entire body of the machine is covered with luxurious stainless steel material with bearing capacity and safe electrical insulation.


The top of the machine is covered with a transparent plastic lid for you to comfortably observe the food processing process inside the machine. Sharp steel blades combined with a powerful 200W motor help grind coffee smoother.


As a versatile grinder, the Duronic Electric allows you to use it to process dry nuts such as cashews, pepper, garlic, soybeans… with a volume of 50g per batch Stainless-Steel Blade, thereby contributing to enrich the meal of your whole family.

3 LITIFO Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

LITIFO Electric Burr Coffee Grinder belongs to the professional coffee machine product line and is often widely used in families, corporate offices or sidewalk cafes with a small scale.


The product stands out with the main black color, modern rectangular shape and luxurious plastic shell. Above is a system of coffee trays with transparent hard plastic lids that both help users easily observe the amount of coffee of the machine and support disassembly for cleaning and convenient cleaning.


The capacity of the grain compartment of the machine is quite large, capable of holding about 230g. Accompanying that is the feature of measuring up to 12 cups of powdered coffee, an extremely convenient function that helps automate the process of grinding beans.


The ability to grind quickly and save time with 200W operating power. The control panel with the knob allows you to freely adjust the fineness of the coffee but still retain the inherent delicious flavor of the coffee beans.


The stainless steel conical burr grinder produces a much lower temperature than a blade grinder, perfectly ensuring the flavor of the coffee.


Strong and sharp stainless steel grinding teeth are easy to remove for cleaning after grinding coffee. Comprehensive protection for users, especially families with young children through the double safety protection system; the machine only works when fully installed coffee compartment.

4 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder  is a high-end product line made in China according to advanced technology to Germany. For those of you who love strong and delicious espresso, you will not want to miss this quality model.

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, the kitchen space of the family or the company’s office will become more aesthetic thanks to the neat box-shaped design and the harmonious design that the product brings.


The container of the machine is relatively large, so it can meet the maximum capacity of up to 200g of finished coffee powder. Powerful motor with 200W operating capacity allows fast coffee grinding, saving time as well as achieving the smoothness you desire.


Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is integrated by the manufacturer with about 17 levels of grinding from level 1 which is very good to level 17 which is very coarse, thereby meeting many different coffee needs. In addition, the machine also has a mode to set the amount of coffee needed from 2 to 14 cups.


The process of grinding coffee of the machine is relatively simple, just through 1 button, then will automatically turn off the machine when grinding is complete. All structural parts of the machine from the dedicated grinding disc, the container to the transparent lid are easily removable for cleaning and cleaning after the grinding is complete.


5 OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee grinders


Similar to the coffee grinders of the OXO brand, OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder belongs to the multi-function bean grinder line, so it is not only about grinding coffee beans, but we also have the flexibility to use it to serve our needs. grind other grains such as pepper, cereals, peanuts or rice…


Solid body structure with stainless steel material; The mill is made of sturdy steel alloy and the blade has a high sharpness to meet the needs of cutting a variety of seeds; The transparent plastic lid allows you to see the amount of food inside.


Not only has the blade sharp, but the motor is also very powerful thanks to its 120W operating capacity. Besides being installed together, these parts are also very easy to disassemble for cleaning and cleaning after grinding food.


The process of using the grinder is quite simple, you just need to install the parts into the body and then put the coffee or beans into the mortar; Then close the lid, plug in the power and press the button to operate the machine, after a short time you have delicious finished products.Grinds enough coffee for up to 12 brewed cups.

6 YaeMarine Professional Electric Coffee Grinder

YaeMarine Professional Electric Coffee Grinder  is a mini coffee grinder made in China with a relatively compact design and light weight of only 3.6kg, so it is very convenient to install.


You can comfortably install this device in your family room, office, coffee shop or bar. In general, with the needs of grinding coffee not too much, only about 2kg / day, it is completely possible to use the machine.


The whole machine is made of relatively durable materials, with an ABS plastic outer shell covered with an eye-catching black or red paint; Sharp stainless steel blade helps cut coffee beans more evenly and smoothly.

According to the test, the blade of YaeMarine has a long life to meet the maximum grinding capacity of about 500kg of coffee. The coffee hopper uses transparent plastic that allows users to easily observe the amount of coffee inside; Easily adjust the fineness of coffee beans as you like through 8 built-in modes.

Equipped with a powerful and durable motor with a capacity of 100W, accompanied by a fuse system capable of automatically disconnecting power when overheating occurs or objects such as iron nails are stuck in the air. mill… to ensure safety for both animals and users.

7 JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Settings 


Manual coffee grinder: This is the simplest type of coffee grinder, with an extremely compact long body design and a convenient hand crank on the top.


How to use the machine is very simple, you just need to put the required amount of coffee into the body of the machine; Cover up; Proceed to turn the handwheel clockwise or counterclockwise and then open the lid to pour out the coffee.


If you often travel on trips or picnics away from home or want to use coffee anywhere, the manual coffee grinders are small in size and cheap for only about 40$ .is the appropriate choice.


Hand-held mini coffee grinder: The most visible are the Tiross hand-held grinders, which also have a long portable design but a larger capacity and motor-driven mechanism. should produce finer coffee powders.


8 SHARDOR Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

35 Custom Grind Selections: Choose from 35 different grind selections from fine for espresso to coarse for french press for your customized brewing method.


Anti-static Conical Burr Coffee Grinder: The anti-static technology makes the ground coffee chamber mess-free, improving your user experience.


Uniform Grinding: Stainless steel conical burr coffee grinder creates uniform grounds for optimal flavor extraction.


Customizable Quantity: 2-12 cup quantity selection settings to grind the exact quantity you need.


Easy to Clean: The built-in brush, removable upper burr, hopper, chamber for easy cleaning of the item.

Grinding Settings Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

We know the users’ biggest complaint about the coffee grinder is that they get little ground-bean flecks scattered. The reason? Static cling. Shardor Engineers Team spent 3 years reducing static in the grinder. Finally, we launched a new coffee grinder in 2021, Anti-static Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, CG9406-UL2.

  • Specification:
  • Model: CG9406-UL2
  • Rated Power: 200w
  • Net Weight:4.5pounds
  • Rated Voltage: 120V
  • Bean Hopper Capacity:8.46oz
  • Grinding Chamber Capapcity:58oz
  • Dimensions:87×4.72×11.81 in

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