What is moka coffee and how does it taste?

If you are passionate about coffee but do not know what moka coffee is, it is a big mistake. Moka is a type of coffee belonging to the Arabica genus, derived from the name Mocha city of Yemen, a country in the Middle East.

Moka is one of the difficult coffee families to grow and requires meticulous, attentive care from the caretaker. In particular, this plant is very susceptible to pests and diseases in hot and humid weather like in Vietnam. Not Buon Ma Thuot, the capital of Vietnam’s coffee, but Lam Vien Plateau is the right place to grow this rare plant.

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The suitable terrain for growing this coffee is the places with an altitude of 1500 to 1600 m above sea level and has an ideal temperate climate similar to the homeland of this coffee.

Moka is one of the top rated premium class coffees. In addition to her meticulous and attentive care, one of the factors that makes up such a high price is its special, unforgettable taste.

  • History of Moka coffee

Moka coffee originates from the land of Yemen. It is said that around the 13th century, the cleric Marco Polo accidentally discovered this coffee being sold by a man from the city of Mocha. At that time, this type of coffee was still not widely known.

But after a long time, it was not until 1595 that this coffee became widely known in the world because at that time the city of Mocha in Yemen was a bustling trading place of North Africa – the Indian Ocean connecting with South Asia ….

Mocha coffee was brought to Vietnam with the invasion of the French colonialists in the early years of the 19th century.

  • The taste of Moka coffee

Moka coffee is known as the queen of the coffee kingdom because of its undeniable charm. It brings a natural sour taste and a slight bitterness on the tip of the tongue.

It is said that we can taste most of the bitter, sour, and sweet flavors in this drink Many people who are not coffee connoisseurs will think this coffee is mixed with impurities because its bitterness is not as strong as other coffees, only those who are passionate about coffee will realize the special taste of coffee. Moka.

Moka coffee beans are big, smooth and much more beautiful than other coffee varieties. Exuding ecstatic luxury, elegant sour taste for connoisseurs. Once enjoying this type of coffee, people will always remember it instead of other types of coffee. It is the preferred taste and the first choice of European and American countries .

  • Production of Moka coffee in Vietnam

Moka was first grown in a highland area in Cau Dat village. Cau Dat moka and its reputation must not be disputed, but the annual production is very low because of its low productivity and its picky choice of topography, soil and climate conditions. To find genuine Cau Dat Moka coffee is very difficult and expensive.

Strictly demanding on soil, climate, care techniques

  • How to properly roast Moka coffee

– People will spend the first 10 minutes heating, drying and evaporating wet coffee beans.

The coffee bean turns from pale turquoise to pale green, then gradually turns to a beautiful lemon yellow color. The lemon yellow color is quite typical but does not fade any coffee.

– When roasting coffee beans, there is a special thing people notice is its smell. The smell of rotting roots, rotten leaves, earth, potatoes, and even grain, makes people strangely intoxicating.

– After a while, the coffee beans will gradually turn dark orange yellow and then gradually appear brown with an increase in the special aroma with a little cinnamon smell mixed in.

– 20 minutes later , the coffee beans begin to ripen evenly and burst into a cup of fun. After a while , it was strangely quiet. That is also the time to signal that the coffee is finished roasting. Bring in the fullness of the most quintessential things that heaven and earth bestows.

Immediately after that silence, the coffee beans will be cooled down quickly, and left open in the bag so that it can breathe for 1-2 days to release all the carbon and rebalance the moisture .

Moka bean coffee when roasted medium will have a sour taste mixed with mild bitterness, light brown color, clear amber.

It is not easy to make a properly roasted coffee bean, each stage from incubation to packaging takes a year, a lot of time, effort and enthusiasm of coffee growers. 

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