Why is weasel coffee so expensive?

Nhờ quá trình sản xuất chắt lọc và hương vị thơm ngon bậc nhất, cà phê chồn đã trở thành dòng cà phê được cả thế giới săn lùng. Thế nhưng tại sao cà phê chồn lại đắt, cho dù tại những quốc gia có thể sản xuất ra nó đi chăng nữa?

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“Coffee – weasel” is a seemingly impossible duo. Different from brands like “coffee flower honey” or “self-falling ripe durian” that have more or less relatedness, coffee and mink are completely in two different fields, one is animals – the other is plants, weasel also do not affect the growth and development of coffee and vice versa. So, to answer the question of why weasel coffee is so expensive and rare, let’s find out with Pure Coffee through the following article. 

  • What is weasel coffee? 

As its name suggests, weasel coffee is made from coffee beans and mink dung. The ferrets when eating coffee berries only swallow the flesh and seeds inside and release the outer shell. However, because ferrets cannot digest coffee beans, they will excrete them.

The unique thing here is that the coffee beans that weasel eat, under the action of digestive enzymes in the weasel stomach, change the protein structure in the coffee beans, causing some acid to be removed. As a result, the taste of weasel coffee becomes more special, more delicious than regular coffee, and the sour taste of the coffee beans is also much lighter than the original beans.

Weasel coffee – Gu enjoys gourmet coffee.

  • History of weasel coffee

Starting from the 16th – 18th centuries, the concept of “weasel coffee” was known among the nobility in the colonial countries of Southeast Asia. Started from Indonesia, then spread to the surrounding island countries and stopped in Vietnam. According to the story, coffee plantation farmers often exploit this type of agricultural product but do not have enough money to enjoy it, so they noticed that coffee was mixed in the waste of wild weasel (civet) so they brought it home to make coffee. Thoroughly clean, roast and use. Unexpectedly, the coffee has an unexpectedly delicious and unique taste. The Dutch and the French knew and raised “weasel coffee” into an expensive drink, only for the upper class because of the expensive price.

Referring to weasel coffee, it is impossible to ignore the importance of mountain mink (civet). Mink’s musk gland is very strong, so in addition to using that musk for perfume distillation, ordinary people rarely like weasels because their smell is extremely heavy. Weasels are very picky eaters, they often eat fruits with peel, sweet and clean like coffee, litchi, bananas… With coffee, weasel eats only the red, smooth, and even seeds, absolutely do not touch the seeds . ripe old, moldy. Minks also only give birth to 1-2 litters a year, the pregnancy rate is low, they live in areas with their own soil, so the number becomes even rarer. From there it can be seen, why is weasel coffee expensive?It is not unreasonable, when the price of 1 kg of weasel coffee can be 10, even hundreds of times higher than normal coffee.

  • What is weasel coffee made from?

For coffee lovers, weasel coffee is an interesting story. Ordinary people are only curious to taste the “unique” taste, but may not know how arduous the process of making weasel coffee is.

Why is weasel coffee so expensive? Weasel coffee is made up of coffee beans selected by our “little friend” , weasel is a picky eater, so even if forced to , only choose the best quality coffee beans. Assuming a full meal, each night weasel can only write about 100 grams of raw waste. Therefore, if you’re lucky, a weasel can provide 5-6kg of coffee. If harvested from the wild, the number may be even lower than that.

Not to mention currently in the world, there are only a few countries that can produce this item, typically Indonesia, Ethiopia, Vietnam… with a total output of only 200-300kg globally. In our country, weasel coffee is mainly produced in the Central Highlands (Dak Lak, Cau Dat – Da Lat  and some farms in Binh Phuoc Viet Nam).

  • Why is mink coffee so expensive?

Extremely Low Output

In the world, weasel species are only distributed in a few areas, so only a few countries can produce this unique weasel coffee such as: Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia… Besides, weasel coffee production is also very high. limit. Indonesian brand of mink coffee Kopi Luwak produces only 200-300kg per year.

Weasel Eats Only The Best Coffee Beans

Weasel is quite picky, they only choose to eat the best coffee on the tree. Those are ripe berries, no pests, no scratches, no plastic clinging to the outside. This means weasel coffee beans are selected from the best quality coffee beans through expert ferrets.


The ferrets eat only the finest coffee beans. 

Irresistible Charming Taste

In particular, the scent of weasel coffee is divided into many layers. The first scent is the smell of ripe fruit, the second is the combination of the smell of coffee mixed with the smell of chocolate and malt.

This flavor will still be attached even if you have finished your cup of weasel coffee. It is the attachment that makes those who once enjoy weasel coffee will never forget.

The unique taste is one of the reasons why weasel coffee is so expensive.

Weasel coffee production process 

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the production process also contributes to the expensive price of weasel coffee. Because in order to create delicious, world-famous weasel coffee cups, it requires a ” sophisticated ” production process, an extremely unique and complex process of mink manure.


  • How much does mink coffee cost per kg?

When talking about the cost of weasel coffee. Indeed, there are also many different prices for this famous coffee, depending on the production process as well as the reputation of the brand. In European countries, a cup of weasel coffee can range from 20 to 30 USD. Currently, Indonesian mink coffee (Kopi Luwak) has a price of about $1,000/kg. However, Vietnamese weasel coffee of Trung Nguyen brand is the most expensive weasel coffee brand in the world with 3 times the price, due to the completely natural raw waste treatment process, which is grounded and left to decompose in the air. soil from a few months to a year to obtain pure coffee beans. In addition, there are different types of weasel coffee such as powdered coffee, whole bean coffee… Thanks to being a country producing weasel coffee, this item in Vietnam is not too scarce and has a variety of prices. See the price of weasel coffee athere .

True to the saying “you get what you pay for”, in major conferences such as ODA, ASEAN, ASEM… weasel coffee is served to guests, senior officials and used to award visiting heads of state. from your country. Reading this far, you may have understood somewhat why weasel coffee is so expensive but still so popular.

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